“I’m happy to stand up and wave the flag for 1-TDC®. My dog Encore is absolute living proof of what a difference it made to her leg. For 2 years we had to lift her to get into the motorhome. She now flies up and down the motorhome steps all on her own. All of my dogs get 1-TDC®.

Susan Garrett
Multi Time National & World Champion of Agility

Take your Athlete to the next level of performance with The 1-TDC® Advantage.

1-TDC® helps maintain your dog’s Explosive Muscular Power, Stamina & Recovery throughout their athletic career and beyond.

If you are involved in the rapidly growing world of K9 Sports, it is critical to note that your dog is undergoing joint and muscle stress in their training and competition just like professional human athletes where recovery and stamina are critical to performing at their highest level.

Further, peer-reviewed published research indicates that poor oral health will spread systemically and affect overall health, including joint health.  Therefore, a healthy mouth is important to the overall wellness and performance of your athlete.

You have developed an unshakeable bond with your athlete and invested countless hours training. Now, you should seek the best solution to unlock their full potential to compete and win…1-TDC®!



Choosing the right joint health solution for your companion is a daunting task for any trainer!

There is no shortage of joint health supplements available. But, in reality, most formulations suprisedbordecolliecontain similar ingredient combinations including glucosamine, fish oil, hyaluronic acid, green lipped mussels and turmeric…the list goes on.

While those ingredients can provide some benefits, results tend to be limited.  

1-TDC® will help you elevate your athlete to the next level of performance. Continue reading and learn what K9 rehab experts, trainers and national champions are saying about 1-TDC®



K9 Rehabilitation Specialists


“Our experience with 1-TDC® has enhanced our ability to make our clients better faster and increase function & performance in both sporting dogs and pets”.

 -Ria Acciani, MPT & David Acciani, PT


The 1-TDC® difference…beyond glucosamine & fish oil

What will 1-TDC® do for your Dog?

1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex) is a revolutionary natural solution that keeps joints, muscles and gums healthy at a cellular level, beyond traditional ingredients like glucosamine and fish oil. It works as a catalyst systemically, further promoting improved stamina and faster recovery for your Athlete. You can can expect results after only a few weeks of use.

What is 1-TDC®?

1-TDC® is a proprietary blend of fatty acids that are derived from beef tallow and are then formulated into a unique fatty acid complex in a cGMP food-grade facility in the USA. These fatty acids are much different than essential fatty acids you find in products like fish oils and should not be confused with essential fatty acids.



How does 1-TDC® work?

This unique technology is highly and rapidly absorbed, whether applied topically on the gums or taken orally in capsule form. When it enters the body, 1-TDC® has a tremendous affinity for white blood cells which allows it to get where it is needed quickly. And, when it arrives, 1-TDC® efficiently does the job without interfering with other elements of your athlete’s health.




Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 9.38.21 AMBarb Davis

“I decided to try 1-TDC® to aid recovery of one of my dogs who had an injury. I decided to put all 4 of my dogs on it at that time. 1-TDC® seemed to speed that dog’s recovery. It helped my older dog move more freely and Skecher’s recovery from minor tweeks is much quicker. I also take this product myself and am convinced it is a big part of the reason I was able to run well and win the 2015 AKC Nationals with Skecher, after not being able to run in the Fall of 2014 because of injury to my Achilles.”

-Barb Davis,  9-time National Agility Champion, 9-time AKC World Team Member

Desiree Snelleman

“Pace seemed to recover faster after trials and training. That led us to include 1-TDC® Dual Action in the diet for all the dogs in the household. We have 5 dogs. They all look great and seem to get the same benefits. In fact, our 13 year old Siberian Husky acts and moves like a puppy….”

  Desiree Snelleman, 2015 AKC National Agility Champion, 2014 IFCS WAC World Agility Champion, 2014 FCI AWC Bronze Medalist

Karen Holik

“Since using 1-TDC® Dual Action, my older dogs have shown noticeably increased mobility and drive and my younger dogs are also benefiting, recovering faster.” 

— Karen Holik, 8-time AKC/USA World Team Member, 4-time National Agility Champion, Gold Medalist at WAO (England)

Elicia Calhoun

“1-TDC® results were astounding. This was not just another standard oil supplement. We were able to compete at the UKI US Open and the IFCS tryouts while maintaining stamina, mental alertness, and energy level. Tobie’s recovery time between the events was phenomenal!  As a result Tobie had won team spots to represent the United States for the WAO and IFCS. Our vet even noticed improvement from our 9 year old dog Cork and her gums.”

– Elicia Calhoun, 2015 WAO Gold Medalist, 2014 USDAA Agility Champion

Keith Highley

“Within the first couple weeks of using 1-TDC® I noticed a marked improvement in all of my dogs’ gums and breath. The bad breath that I associated with my dogs…it was just gone. We really want to protect our dogs, and I think this is one of the must have supplements to do that.”

– Keith Highley, 2015 UKI National Agility Champion; 2015 USDAA World Team Member; 2014 USDAA National Agility Champion

Kerry Smith

“Since using 1-TDC®, I have noticed tremendous results in Hype.  She has more stamina and she recovers much faster.  All of my dogs have more energy and are much more playful, so much so that my 15 year old dachshund has been acting like a puppy again.”

-Kerry Smith, 2016 IFCS USA World Team Member, 2015 Cynosport Grand Prix Silver Medal, 2014 European Open USA Team Member, 2015 and 2014 Americas y Caribe Team Member, 2013 Cynosport Finalist

“1-TDC® Dual Action plays an integral part in keeping all my dogs in tip top shape. Their fluidity of movement is superb and the condition of their gums has markedly improved since using 1-TDC® Dual Action!”

-Mary Lou Hanlon, Multiple time AKC National Finalist, Multiple time USDAA Cynosport Steeplechase Finalist, 2014 USDAA Cynosport Grand Prix Finalist. 2015 & 2016 Westminster Agility Finalist, 2016 IFCS Team Selection Biathlon Silver Medalist.

My dogs and I  began using 1-TDC® in October 2015.  When using it transdermally on their gums, I noticed an immediate difference in the periodontal health of some of my shelties.   The performance dogs have shown improvement in their recovery time, especially when running 4-6 runs a day, as well as improved performance.  For myself, I also have found that my recovery time is much better and that my lower back issues have improved.  I love the product and highly recommend it!

Susan Crank, IncrediPAWS Business Manager

“I first started using 1-TDC in the fall of 2014 on my Sheltie who was showing a bit of stiffness.  Within days I could notice a difference in his mobility so I began using the product with all my dogs.  I cannot believe the difference it has made for my dogs dental health and that remains my favorite feature.  I started telling my friends about this product and now they come to me raving about the difference it has made for their dog too.”

-Jennifer Crank, 3 time FCI Medalist, WAO Biathlon Gold Medalist, 2014 Grand Prix National Champion, 18-time AKC Agility National Finalist, 32-time USDAA Regional Champion

Flyball Athletes Greatly Benefit From 1-TDC®



“1-TDC® has had a positive impact on our canine athletes. 1TDC-homestarrunner Since starting this supplement, we’ve observed quicker recovery times, increased function, and ability to sustain a high level of performance throughout an entire weekend of racing. Our dogs love the taste too, so dosing is always easy.”

Julie Norman Jenkins, FurFun Club Captain

2015 NAFA Multi-breed Champions; 2014 CanAm Multi-breed Grand Champions


“We demand a lot from our athlete dogs, 1-TDC® enables my dogs to recover faster and maintain consistent speed. I 1TDC-flyball-swagereally like the added benefit of improving and maintaining their oral health from a total wellness perspective.”

-Aaron Robbins, Rocket Relay Co-Capitain

2014 CanAm Regular Champion, Multi-Breed World Record Holders


“Just one month into starting on 1-TDC®, I started to notice positive changes in my dogs. My oldest dog, who has had life-long issues with tartar build-up and gum health, has actually had noticeable improvement in his overall gum health!  My two whippets are recovering more quickly from both activity and injury than they were prior to starting on 1-TDC®1TDC-Viking-flyballI have also seen improvement in the dogs’ abilities to maintain consistent speed and levels of performance in competition.”

-Stephanie Minnella, X Flyball – Captain

Fastest-ever time recorded in NAFA (CanAm 2014)

Dock Diving Dogs Powered by 1-TDC®

1TDC Dock Diving Dogs

“My 9 year old Dutch shepherd, Bria, has been on 1-TDC for few years. While other products have not really worked for her, I am very pleased with the results from using 1-TDC. I am happy to say that she has only gotten better with age! Within the month of her turning 9, Bria had a new PB in big air (19’10”). 1-TDC keeps all my dogs’ joints healthy and I love how the product keeps their teeth so white!”

-Amanda Janicki, Dock Diving Competitor (UAD, NADD, DockDogs)

“I started 1-TDC with Rio, my 6 year old Pit Bull. Rio loves competing but recovery between jumps and events was never his strong suit. 1-TDC made an obvious improvement in his ability to recover. For once his jumps were consistent and many times improving as the events went on. I’ve since started supplementing my other dogs and I’m seeing the same benefits. Increased ability to preform at a high level for several days with noticeably less stiffness.”

-Charlotte Blake, Dock Diving World Champion


Whippet Racing Testimonial

Intense running requires the ultimate recovery solution…1-TDC®



“1-TDC® was first introduced to us at a flyball event, however, we immediately thought about how incredible this product would be for our racing whippets!!  Therefore,we put the racers on the product immediately. And WOW, what a difference!!. The first race we went to we noticed a marked improvement in their performance and stamina. We now keep all of our dogs on the product, as we believe in what it has and can do for them as they perform and age.  Not to mention we really enjoy watching our athletes hold up better all day and coming home with dogs that recover quickly, and knowing that it is because of the 1-TDC® that we give them.

– Julian Data & Bonnie Szoka, Trainers

1TDC-workingdog-jointsupport1-TDC® is an Essential Supplement for working dogs.

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