Written by Julie Jenkins

Julie Norman Jenkins is a multi-sport dog trainer with a passion for teaching people and dogs. As a junior handler, Julie trained and showed her own dogs in obedience, conformation, herding, agility, flyball, musical freestyle, and canine disc. Alongside her mother, Deb Norman, Julie co-founded Y2K9s Dog Sports Club in suburban Philadelphia. Ten years later, Julie relocated to North Carolina and served eight years as manager of the dog training program at Paws4ever, in Mebane, NC. Julie now operates Quicksilver Canine, in Julian, NC, teaching lessons, classes and seminars. Julie’s flyball team, Fur Fun, has enjoyed considerable success: 25 time Regional Champions, 9 time Can Am Finalists, 2014 Can Am Multibreed Grand Champions, 2015 NAFA overall Multibreed Champions, and 2017 overall NAFA Regular Champions.


2 thoughts on “Flyball Warm-Up Routine for Your Dog

  1. Always looking for fresh ways to warm my dogs up before flyball without lifting their adrenaline levels .

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