1-TDC Joint Health for Horses 16 oz. Pump Bottle


Recommended for natural JOINT/Muscle HEALTH in Horses, 1-TDC® equine cream brings superb results.  This is a race horse strength topical soothing cream.

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1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex) is a revolutionary natural solution that keeps joints and muscles healthy at a cellular level. It loosens stiff joints and reduces discomfort, providing an alternative to traditional ingredients like glucosamine and DMSO. 

1-TDC® Cream (paraben free) Absorbs Rapidly

Unlike many creams, 1-TDC® cream is transdermal and absorbs very rapidly. This allows it to reach deep into muscles and joints to provide comfort and mobility.

How use:

You can apply 1-TDC® cream directly to your horse’s muscles and joints as needed. Apply liberally to the joint surface on all sides of the joint up to four times daily.  Massage the area until it is absorbed. It is best to apply 1-TDC® completely around a joint and then wrap it for a few minutes. It can be used pre and post workout for optimum results.

Expect results  10-15 minutes. 




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