Don’t be part of these statistics!

84% of Athletes will suffer low back issues…25% will be chronic.

Nearly 30% of college athletes experience “overuse” issues. 

65% of Runners each year experience delays in their training regimen.  

Sports Medicine

1TDC-Sports-Medicine-Athlete-Joint-Muscle-supportPeak performance and recovery, whether from training, competition or injury, are critically important for all athletes, professionals and amateurs alike.

1-TDC® is an athlete’s best friend, providing comfortable training and performance, but more importantly, faster recovery, a critical element to maximizing performance at all levels.

1-TDC® has been used by everyone from Olympians to principal dancers in major ballet companies. Anyone serious about athletic performance can now up their game with The 1-TDC® Advantage.

Whether you are an amateur marathoner seeking a new PR; a weekend softball or flag football warrior; or a professional athlete, make The 1-TDC® Advantage cream and capsule combination part of your daily regimen to reach your full potential.


Choosing the right joint/muscle health solution for an athlete is a daunting task…there is no shortage of creams & supplements available.

But, in reality, most formulations contain similar ingredient combinations including menthol, emu oil, capsaicin, curcumin, glucosamine, fish oil, hyaluronic acid, green lipped mussels, turmeric…and the list goes on.

While those ingredients can provide some relief, results tend to be limited. 

DR. Vad-1TDC

“1-TDC® is the new tool for sports medicine as I share in my new book “ The New Rules Of Running”. I have used 1-TDC® for the past few years with virtually all of my athlete patients to minimize their recovery time. I have found the 1-TDC® cream to be very effective used pre and post workout.  Using the cream and the capsule is what I call the one-two punch getting my athletes back into the game, helping them deliver peak performance.”

-Vijay B. Vad, MD


Elite Science Brings You the Future of Joint & Muscle Health Support with a Topical Cream and Capsule

1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex) is a unique advanced cellular lubricant that is the next generation of fatty acid technology, beyond glucosamine and fish oil.  It will take your joint/muscle mobility and comfort to a new level with results you will feel.

This advanced solution’s research has been published in the Journal of Rheumatology (2002 & 2004) and the Journal of Strength and Conditioning (2005 & 2006).



1-TDC® Cream (paraben free) Absorbs Rapidly

Unlike most other creams, 1-TDC® cream is transdermal and absorbs very rapidly. This allows it to reach deep into muscles and joints to provide comfort and mobility.

You can apply 1-TDC® cream directly to muscles and joints as needed or pre and post workout.

Expect results within  5-10 minutes. 

1-TDC® Supplement Provides a Total Body Benefit

1-TDC® is a proprietary blend of unique fatty acids. Due to its high affinity for white blood cells, it travels systemically throughout your whole body. This provides a total body benefit for joints and muscles where you need it most. 1-TDC® provides complete body soothing relief you can feel.

Expect results within 2-4 weeks. 

The 1-TDC® difference…beyond glucosamine & fish oil

What is 1-TDC®?

1-TDC® is a proprietary blend of fatty acids that are derived from beef tallow and are then formulated into a unique fatty acid complex in a cGMP food-grade facility in the USA. These fatty acids are much different than essential fatty acids you find in products like fish oils and should not be confused with essential fatty acids.


How does 1-TDC® work?

This unique technology is highly and rapidly absorbed, whether applied topically with the cream or ingested orally in capsule form. When it enters the body, 1-TDC® has a tremendous affinity for white blood cells which allows it to get where it is needed quickly. And, when it arrives, 1-TDC® efficiently provides long lasting comfort you can feel without interfering with other elements of your health.


Athlete Testimonials


“I regularly use 1-TDC for both pre and post cycling activities. It significantly improves recovery time and reduces muscle and joint soreness. It has also been a pre-race regiment to improve flexibility and warm-up which has resulted in top finishes against competitors half my age.”

-Douglas Orischack


“I played competitive sports from a young age through college. I had a shoulder injury that I was having treated along with using other popular topical, but was not getting complete relief. I decided to try 1-TDC after it was recommended by my chiropractor. I was shocked how well the cream worked and how fast it was absorbed.

Since I had such great results, I began to take the oral gel caps and couldn’t be more impressed. I still use the cream for flare ups and new injuries as well as before golf and working out. 1-TDC is part of my daily regimen and I couldn’t imagine life without it.”

Nicolina Kelly

Start Using 1-TDC® Today!

1-TDC® is available through leading Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists and Physiatrists.

1-TDC® is safe and extremely effective. We stand behind the technology with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are interested in long-term satisfied customers. We want you to get the benefits that 1-TDC® provides or give you your money back!