"Since using the supplement and cream, I feel so much better, actually more: I haven’t needed a spine block since using 1TDC™! Thank you!!" Sarah Walker
"I use 1TDC™ for me as well as my dogs. My dog’s teeth look great and healthy. I had to have both of my knees scoped and I was back running agility again in just 4 months and it's now going on two years and I still use my 1TDC™ gels and cream and my knees feel great!" Kay Detampel
"My knees are much better, no discomfort after running since using 1TDC™! I have told several people about this product." Dianne Traphagen
“For myself, 1TDC™ has been a life changer! Over the course of a year, I suffered two critical injuries. First, I sustained a partial ACL tear. Shortly thereafter, I herniated several discs. In both cases, my doctors were amazed at my rate of recovery. Thank you, 1TDC™!” Janie H.
“Since day one of using the cream our patients have noticed a huge difference……I was hooked the first time I used the cream and supplement on my 92 y/o patient.” Dr Tim, DC
“I've been using the 1TDC™ lotion since the summertime and I love it! I would put the cream on my feet in the morning and that would help a lot. I'm never leaving home without this product!!” Kathy B.
“Just wanted you to know that Dr. O raves about the consistent results with the 1TDC™, both for himself & with his patients.” Trisha S.- DC Products Distributor